Mummy & Me Fitness

Personal Training

Choose from either a 3 month plan from £280 or 6 month plan from £530

The 3 month plan includes:

  • 3 months fitness plan, this will be uploaded through my app.
  • Access to on demand classes.
  • Nutrition help and guidance.
  • Weekly/monthly check in’s.
  • Monthly goal setting.
  • 50% discounted access to The 7 Day Body Blitz or Bliss.

    *pay monthly options available
    *packages are tailored to suit individual needs

My 6 month plan includes all of the above PLUS:

  • 6 month fitness plan.
  • Sustainable, long term, healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Cheaper option ;)!

More Info…

I use an app called True Coach that you download onto your phone easily. You will then have access to your workouts on demand. We will work together to set goals and make you feel the happiest, healthiest and fittest you possibly can!

I will design your fitness plan tailored to you, your goals and your body, no matter where you are in your pregnancy or postpartum & give you in depth personalised nutritional guidance.
Each exercise with in the workouts have short tutorial videos attached so you’ll always have confidence in what you are doing.
I am only a message away if you have any questions or queries though!

I may ask you to film your self doing a new and/or specific exercises and upload it to the app, this is so I can check technique, strength, form and progress/regress your plan.

All plans begin with a virtual consultation, a functional moving screening, goal setting, lifestyle questionnaire then I’ll then add you to my app where all your workouts and tutorial videos will be uploaded to. PDF downloadable Nutritional & Recipe guidance also sent via email.

Your plan will be bespoke to you and the goals discussed.
I’ll be in touch at the end of every week to see how you have got on, this helps me progress or regress you workouts and you can tell me any likes/ dislikes etc. It also keeps you accountable!


Beverley & Driffield

Not Just A Fitness Class… education, fitness and social all in one!
-12 sessions, 2 small group PT sessions a week
week in person program
-Group consultation during first session
-Group mindset & nutrition coaching through-out
-Access to on demand online classes
-Access to members only FB & WhatsApp group
-Ideal if you are looking to meet new mum friends
-Babies up to 12 months welcome to come with mum for free
FREE Nutrition guide
FREE pelvic floor self help guide
FREE 6 week postpartum rehab guide
-Suitable from 6 weeks post natural birth and 10-12 weeks post c-section following your doctors sign off
-Suitable for healthy pregnancies with doctor/midwife consent.
PRICE- £140 Book now!

Fit Tofties On Demand Classes

For those looking for group support… Come and join our community of strong like minded women, we are all here to support each other. The classes are tailored too suit all women of all ages, including pre/post natal ladies and those living with chronic health conditions.

We have a root focus on core stability, pelvic floor health. Classes are 30-45 minutes, little no equipment needed.
£12 pm.

Click here to access the nutrition guides.
Click here to access the 6 week postpartum guide.

The 7 Day Body Blitz

Are you working out hard but not seeing the results you desire? Then look no further!

The aim is to kickstart your body into exercise and nutrition, whilst getting fit fast using the workouts that are carefully. Designed to target full body, fat loss and toning. You WILL see results.

Each day I will upload 1 workout to a private Facebook group, the challenge is to complete it within the 24 hours. Each workout is designed to push you to your limits, they are intense but that’s how you see the real change in your body. You get out what you put in.

You will have access to the Facebook group during the 7 days which allows you to share your workout selfies with them and experiences of the workouts.

The 7 Day Body Blitz is £30 for the week.

Invest in your health, fitness and mindset and by the end of the 7 days you will feel amazing!
Feel fitter, healthier, leaner, motivated and build confidence complete with a fabulous mindset.

CLICK HERE to book now!